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Your design is a life-altering assessment tool combining Eastern and Western Astrology, the I�Ching,  the Chakra Energy system, the Kabbalah, and some Quantum physics.  This system is represented by a chart and is a synthesis of all the above information. Many feel this reading is a great deal more comprehensive than the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool. 

 Introduction to Human Design (this is a video and it takes a short time to download, be sure to hit the back button when done) by Ra Uru Hu of Jovian Archive

 Client testimonial: "Wow, this first inquiry has brought me clarity in areas where I would otherwise just get down on myself. I'm all about self-understanding, self love, self acceptance. I seem to have been looking for a map (which I  found in the Pathwork 50/50 Work) all my life and our work together took me  deeper - closer to my original operating system." M.J., an Apprentice Pathwork 50/50 Helper & Barbara Brennan School of Healing Graduate. Schedule a Reading today!

Liz needs your birth date, time of birth and place of birth to enter that data into the computer program.  She takes time to study all the intricacies of your chart so she is fully prepared to go over it with you.  She then schedules a time for the two of you to either meet in-person in her home or you can do the reading on the phone line.  This 75-minute call is set-up to record your conversation in an mp3 format so you can come back and listen to it at any time for the next month. Most clients are so excited about their readings and all the information that comes through for them that it can be a bit difficult to take it all in at once.  The recording helps to refresh and review the reading later on.  


She has a comprehensive analysis of your uniqueness and can reveal what has often been hidden in plain sight from you.  Many clients are surprised at how accurate and detailed the readings are.  It�s as if a good friend is sitting down with you and discussing your habitual patterns.  Liz believes that once you understand why you do the things you do, then you can decide as to whether those behaviors have been useful or not.  Unfortunately many people don�t know why they aren�t more successful in relationships or at work.  They frequently end up sabotaging themselves because they don�t know their true self. 


It�s exciting for Liz when she can inspire her clients by uncovering their true gifts to live a more fulfilling life. She takes time to answer your questions and pinpoints your winning strategies to use in life.


 Another client testimonial that sums up this experience for him:  �I entered the session for the design reading expecting a generalized statement of my personality like one would get from an astrological reading.  What I got was so much more than that.  This really deals in specifics.  Why some people are good at starting projects but not better at finishing the details.  Why certain people in my life inspire me and others bring me down.  Why some of us can make things happen in our lives like finding new things we need, even money, while others are better teachers.  This has explained so much of where I have been and has given me a much clearer understanding of where I am to go forward in my life.  Now I can face life head-on and proceed joyfully.   David H.   Schedule a Design Reading today!

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