Liz always encourages her clients to ask questions during and after the Human Design readings.� Here are the frequently asked questions and her answers:�

Can I change my type or anything in my chart?� I don�t like what my design says about me, so how do I change it?

 Your design stays with you all of your life because these readings are based on your birth data.� It�s incredibly precise. Once you get to live your design, why would you want to change it?� You are perfect the way that you are.� For example, many people don�t like hearing that they are a Generator.� Generators make up approximately 70% of the planet�s population, which means, Generators are found anywhere and everywhere.� But once you start following your strategy and authority for the Generator, you begin to fall in love with what it means to be a Generator.� As Ra says, this is a Generator world.� We are generating work force/life force energy 24/7.� If it wasn�t for the Generators, the other types in Human Design couldn�t survive. Now how cool is it to be a Generator?�

 Projectors are only 2% of the population and are here to lead, guide and manage others. They have a very specific, refined energy system. They aren�t here to work fifty hour weeks, slaving away doing things they are not suited for. We need the Projectors to help us with projects, activities, planning, therapy, etc. The most important part is to follow their strategy and authority to be successful at that.� Projectors have an amazing ability to tune into the other in a exceptional way and give suggestions and ideas based on that insight. No other type does this like a Projector.��

 Manifestors make up about 9% of the population of the planet.  The only type that is found less than that is the Reflector, who makes up 1% of the planet.  Manifestors are pure energy beings. They are the only type in Human Design that can initiate or act without waiting. They are not here to be controlled by anyone. Manifestors are the true initiators. They are the only type designed to �Just Do It.���

 Reflectors, as stated above are about 1% of the population. They are the rarest of the rare.� They have no defined centers in their chart. They are here to sample other�s energies but not get attached to those energies.� They reflect the environment they live in and if a Reflector is ill, the environment they are living in is not healthy. Reflectors have a specific method for decision making and once they learn this method, things go more smoothly for them.�

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How do I fix some of these things in my chart I don�t like?� What can I do to change things in my chart?

 There is nothing to fix or change in your chart. What you can do to change your life for the better is live your design.� By following your strategy and authority, paying attention to your design so that you are living out your type, then the different aspects of your chart are put in the proper perspective.� None of the gates or channels in your chart are inherently �bad� or �good�.� It�s simply energy that you can now be aware of and experiment with following your strategy and authority to see how things get transformed in your life.�� Once you know that you need to wait to respond, not initiate, then you can start to experiment with that strategy and understand how responding to life is far easier and less stressful than trying to push or force yourself to do things you didn�t want to do anyway.�

Do the different colors in the boxes/triangles mean anything in the chart?

 This is an easy one, nope!� If a center is colored in your chart, it�s defined energy for you, meaning it�s fixed and consistent energy available to you all the time.� If the box/diamond/triangle is not colored in or white in your chart, then you have an undefined center, which means the energy of that center is not available and consistent for you all the time. There is significant potential to develop wisdom over time with those open centers in your chart.��


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