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Liz is a certified professional Human Design Analyst. Her vision is to inspire you by gaining insight into yourself and others in your life.� She is dedicated to uncovering her deeper self and helping others do the same.� Liz is also a graduate of the four year Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and is an Usui Reiki Master & Teacher.� Liz has developed her skills in various healing arts for over fifteen years and has taught introductory workshops about the world of healing all over the United States. Liz has guided groups of people on spiritual adventure tours of the southwestern United States.�


She has a MA in Communications and is a Hospice Volunteer. She has co-authored three books about spirituality, 2012, Law of Attraction, etc.� Be sure to go to her AnTaRa Books 2012� page to find out more.� Liz also is a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor so check out her Essential Oils page.


The Human Design reading blends very well with the healing training Liz has acquired over the years.� She combines her intuitive connections with spirit and her ability to identify areas that are your unique talents and your dilemmas to help you move ahead in life.� She believes that positive transformations occur for her clients both during and after a reading.���

Liz�s type in the is a pure Generator with 1/3 profile.

Strategy:� Wait to Respond

Incarnational Cross: Right Angle Cross of Laws


Liz is a Generator.� This type is an incredible source of energy and everyone around them wants the Generator to get involved in what they want to do.  Unless the Generator responds from the sacral center (the way to respond is very specific and will be taught during a reading), he/she is wasting precious energy.  It takes a toll on the body and is deeply exhausting if you are doing something you truly don't want to do.  This is where frustration builds. Don�t offer yourself to projects, jobs, family or whatever else is out there. Instead of feeling tired all the time, the energy begins to accumulate. Generators are often the busiest people on the planet, but often busy doing things for others or doing things that don't fulfill them.  If you want to get something done give it to a Generator or a Manifesting Generator.� Those two types, Generators and Manifesting Generators make up almost 70% of the population.�


The 1/3 in her design indicates that Liz is an investigator/unconscious anarchist or martyr.� It used to drive her parents and teachers crazy because she was always asking�.Why?� Liz is a life long learner and is most happy when investigating new information and then inspiring others. Several years ago, when she did the quality improvement training in organizations, long before she knew about her design, her husband accused of her being an anarchist.� She often felt it was her duty to motivate people in the work place to question, study and improve their work environment.� In some ways, she was already trying to live out her design without even knowing how to apply the strategies to become even more successful.�


Perhaps the most important component to her path is the strategy that is prescribed for all Generators.� Wait to Respond.� Do not initiate things, wait for something or someone to respond to and then respond from the sacral center and not from the head.� The Generators and the Manifesting Generators are people who have a defined sacral center.� That means they have plenty of sustainable energy to accomplish what they want to do in life as long as they are responding in the correct way.� If they try to initiate something in life whether at work or elsewhere, for example, propose a new idea or concept when they haven�t been asked to do so, it almost always results in their idea getting shot down or ignored.� Or even worse, their idea may be used later by someone else who takes the credit for it.� So by following her strategy, Liz has found life works much better with less upset and irritation.


The above information is just a brief synopsis, a introduction to her entire chart. There is much more to reveal in a person�s chart, many aspects to share that reveal someone�s true gifts and talents.� She hopes that you enjoyed the information and invites you to contact her to find out your unique design.����



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