Why Get A Human Design Reading?

Find out who you are designed to be! Your Human Design chart will look similar to the one above.

Liz Miller is a certified professional Human Design Analyst and invites you to explore your unique genetic blueprint so you can discover how your fundamental nature is designed to operate successfully. In Human Design we run a chart based on your particular birth time and place that give us the diagram of your energy/life force. First, it shows which type you are in Human Design; a Manifestor, Reflector, Generator or Projector.  From that information we describe your specific strategy and authority when making decisions. Wouldn’t you like to know how to stop pushing or trying to make things happen and instead use your strategy for success? Wouldn’t it be great to identify your strengths and know how to address the dilemmas unique to your design?  In the reading Liz emphasizes your decision making strategy, your special gifts and talents and where you get pulled away from your true self. 

Liz has worked with individuals and couples who often feel like they don’t truly know themselves or their significant others. Do you want to understand people you are close to and learn more about yourself? Invest in your future and sign-up for a Reading today!   Be sure to get your FREE CHART.

Here’s a sample of what clients say afterwards:

Oh that explains why I’ve always done things this way!”, and “Now I understand why I felt so compelled to do things that haven’t been successful for me, you’ve really opened my eyes to doing things a different way,” and “This is the best, most comprehensive overview of me that I’m just blown away!” 

Be sure to check out the About Liz page to learn more specifics about this reading based on her chart. 

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